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Acháta, Apélla, Kíra Panagía

Famous beaches on the east coast, sometimes difficult to reach by car. You better take a boat from Pigádia or Diafáni (Diafáni: ask for Nikos' tourist office).


Picture: Acháta beach (by Geo)

with respect from the GEO magazine, 1995.



Acháta beach

Likely the most beautiful and lonesome beach on the west coast of Karpathos.

Acháta beach

Photos: Nicole Magera, 1994


on the road to Apélla
Photo: Ulf Sandas, 1998


Kíra Panagía

The road to this beautiful place has been asphalted now. Take the road from Pigadia to Apéri first and then down to Kíra Panagía. There is a newly build comfortable hotel too.

Photo: Ulf Sandas, 1998

Kíra Panagía


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