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Menschen, Bilder und Geschichten
(people, pictures and stories)

Ioánnis Chapsís

Picture: Ioánnis Chapsís
Ioánnis Chapsís in his small studio
Ioánnis Chapsís in seinem kleinen Atelier

Shoemaker, barber, teacher, musician and painter: old Ioánnis has lived an eventful live. He became well known as a lyra player but more popular are his folkloristic paintings on wood or ceramics. They are telling stories of Karpathian daily life with much ambition and some humorous twinkles.

Ioánnis has lived in
'Othos since he was a child. He offers a guided tour through the small museum of local history and also likes to show his studio to interested visitors, selling one or two of his paintings. Proudly he tells us that he has passed through all the events he paints.

Schuhmacher, Frisör, Lehrer, Musiker, Maler: Der alte Ioánnis hat ein bewegtes Leben hinter sich. Über Karpathos hinaus bekannt wurde er mit seinem Lyraspiel, vor allem aber mit seinen auf Holz oder Keramik gemalten naiven Bildern, die - meist mit humoristischem Augenzwinkern - karpathiotischen Alltag zeigen.

Seit frühester Jugend ist das Bergdorf
'Othos sein Zuhause. Interessierten Touristen zeigt er gern das dortige Heimatmuseum und sein Atelier, wobei meist das ein oder andere Bild einen neuen Besitzer findet. Seiner Erfahrung nach steht bemalte Keramik bei deutschen Besuchern besonders hoch im Kurs.


Small painted tile by Ioánnis Chapsis. Apparently it shows preparations for something like a dental measure.

Miniatur (bemalte Kachel) von Ioánnis Chapsís: Sie stellt offenbar Vorbereitungen zu einer "zahnärztlichen" Maßnahme dar.



(real audio)Hear Iánnis play some traditional Karpathian music (Real Audio Player required, 278k, app. 2 Min.)

Picture:painted ceramic by Ioánnis Xapsís

Níkitas (sings and plays the violin)

A master of his violin and pleasant singer Nikítas reflects Karpathos' traditions and modern arrangement. He has not published any records yet, but earns a little money by playing for tourists in Athens and
Finíki. Nikítas gave me a tape of one of his rare studio recordings and I enjoy it nearly as much as his live performances. It takes me back to Kárpathos by my ears. Here comes a small sample (kinda lovesong: Nikítas talks to his violin and "she" repeats).

Nikitas (middle) and friends giving a free concert at Finíki
Hear Nikítas play (295k, app. 2 Min.). (real audio)

You'll need the Real Audio Player, sorry. (This extension simply offers more music on less disk space.) If you like to hear an example of old traditional music from Kárpathos, we invite you to the 'Olympos page or the music of Ioánnis Chapsís (above). You will also find some very impressive examples at the page of  Karpathos: Music.


Picture: Nora and Theophilos

A man of charme and brains, Theophilos (means: "friend of God") tells he has been a former player of
Panathinaikos. Sometimes he also plays the Bouzoukia for his friends.

s_paopic.jpg (2552 Byte)  

Nikos Papanikolaou

Nikos was born in Piles, but his father came from 'Olympos. About 1980 he went to the hamlet 'Adia, to work on his land. He cultivates lots of fruits and vegetables there, using his own irrigation plant. The Pinetree Restaurant, some kind of oasis between Finíki and Lefkós, offers homemade bread, traditional food and fresh fish from charcoal. There are also six rooms with balkonies, bordered nicely by flowers.
For 1999 Nikos plans to offer budget-priced holidays for young people, including free camping in the shades of pinetrees and weekly trips to 'Olympos by car.

Nikos Papanikolaou
P.O.Box 67
GR-85700 Karpathos-Adia
Phone: +30-97369948.
You may also call George Theokaridis at Pigádia, +245-23070, for more information. Or take a look at Niko's homepage.

Special tip for ambitious hikers: Nikos knows a lot of nice walks, even from 'Adia up to the mountain of Kali Límni.

Picture: Nikos Papanikolaou


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