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This page gives room for additional comments, suggestions, corrections, stories or whatever you want to tell the Karpathos community. You are welcome to eMail me your contributions in any language. If you provide pictures please enclose a permission to publish them, but don't send any material which is likely (c)opyrighted by third party.

Actually I'm still looking for pictures of the island Saría.

Thanx for your support!

I want to express thanks to Ulf Sandas from Helsinki, Finland, who gratefully sent me a lot of digital pictures from his vacation in 1998. (For those interested in digital photography: a Kodak DC 210 has been used.) Here are some of Ulf's impressions, along with additional pictures:

Finiki Beach, Photo by Ulf Sandas Fisherman's boats, taken at Finiki Beach by Ulf Sandas, 1998

„[...] I returned back from my two-week trip to Karphatos last sunday evening. I really enjoyed the island. The weather was not too hot, actually the wind was blowing quite hard a few days, so hard that I couldn't even drive my motorbike. It was not the Meltemi wind, it was the El Nino. On some days there was no wind at all and the temp raised so much that I couldn't do nothing else than driving around on my motorbike :-).
I wished that the island would have been greener, but as you told me, the best time to visit Karpathos is in May if you're looking for green. Also, the hole island was more full of mountais and hills than I had expected. So if you want to drive around on all possible roads, you really need a good enduro motobike or a 4-wheel drive jeep. I rented my Suzuki 125cc enduro bike from the Gatoulis rental agency which was very close to my hotel Atlantis. I can recommend both the Gatoulis rental agency and the hotel Atlantis. The service was quit good in both.“

One of Karpathos' many churches (east of Pigádia)

a view inside

Photos: Ulf Sandas, 1998


Nicole's birthday
The ingedients of this dangerous cocktail (as noted on the back of this card):

Southern Comfort
Orange juice

Another one is called Kamikaze:

mixed of Vodka, Triple Sec and Lemonfit

Thanks to Nicole Magera for here beautiful pictures of Apélla beach. The photo left shows her celebrating birthday at the Retro Bar in Arkássa, while sharing a melon of „Krapouzi“ with friends (from left to right: Nora, Nicole, Katharina and Silke).

How to make this dangerous cocktail (as noted on the back of the card above):

1/4 Southern Comfort
1/8 Amaretto
a few drops of Triple Sec
a few drops of Grenadine
some orange juice

Again - some cheerful people,
from left to right: Nora (accompanying nurse), the author, Petra and Jens, Ingo. Jens has been a regular guest of Karpathos for many years and met his wife Petra at the beach of Arkássa. Later they married, and in 2000 they became proud parents of a son, Leon.

Das Foto und den wunderschönen Bericht sandte uns Ingrid (Eleftheria), die zusammen mit Freunden im Urlaub 2001 auf Karpathos griechische Tänze studierte. Der Name "Eleftheria" bedeutet im Griechischen "Freiheit".

Tanz auf Karpathos

Wie sollen wir die Landschaft, die Menschen und deren Gefühle, die Religion, die Musik und das Licht Griechenlands vollkommener in uns aufnehmen als durch den Tanz?

So tanzen wir den Siganos, dazwischen den Volta, den Kato Horos in der Taverne von Vassilis Eltern, den Siganos, Volta, Gonatistos, Pano Horos und natürlich den Sousta, den Antipatitis, Kato Horos und auch den Fumistos, dabei beginnen wir links ... auf den schönsten Plätzen der Insel, oft an heiligen Plätzen wie Kapellen, bei Agios Mamas mit Blick auf das ferne Meer, das trockene Land, ein paar Olivenbäume. Der Meltemi bläht unsere bunten Tücher auf, begleitet die Musik und ist selbst Musik. Und immer wieder der Siganos, der Tanz mit den kleinsten und bescheidensten Schritten, die wir je erlernen durften.

Ilias tanzt mit uns, Vassilis spielt die Lyra und Michalis die Lauta. Wir tanzen, summen die Melodien zu den Texten, deren Inhalt wir erahnen und die uns Ilias manchmal zu erklären versucht. Wir essen und trinken gemeinsam unter freiem Himmel und begegnen den Eltern, den Nachbarn und Freunden unserer Lehrer. So sind wir allen und allem sehr nahe.

Und immer wieder tanzen wir, manchmal etwas eifrig, konzentriert und diszipliniert, doch manchmal auch schon mit großer Leichtigkeit und mit unseren Gedanken ganz weit weg und dennoch hier - ... auf Karpathos.

Eleftheria, 21.01.02

Dancing at Karpathos

How could we take in ourselves the landscape, the people and their feelings, the religion, the music and the light of Greece more perfectly than by dancing?

We are dancing the Siganos, in between the Volta, the Kato Horos, at the tavern of Vassilis' parents, the Siganos, Volta, Gonatistos, Pano Horos and, off course, the Sousta, the Antipatitis, Kato Horos und the Fumistos too, beginning left ... at the island's most beautiful places, often at holy places like chapels, at Agios Mamas, looking to the sea so far, the country dry, some olive trees. The Meltemi blows our colorful scarfs, accompanies the music and is music itself. Again and again there is the Siganos, the dance with the smallest and most modest steps which we ever had the pleasure to learn.

Ilias dances with us, Vassilis plays the Lyra and Michalis the Lauta. We dance, sum the melodies to the lyrics, sensing their contents, which Ilias sometimes tries to explain to us. We are eating and drinking together under the open air, meeting the parents, the neighbors and friends of our teachers. So we are very close to everybody and all.

Again and again we dance, sometimes a bit studious, concentrated and disciplined, but sometimes even very easily and with our thoughts very far away but yet here - ... at Karpathos.

(transl.: Humberto)



Guestbook & Chat - Gästebuch & Chat

An dieser Stelle gab es mal ein Gästebuch, in dem Karpathos-Reisende Grüße sandten und von ihrem Urlaub berichteten. Leider wurde das Gästebuch zunehmend von Spammern missbraucht, um auf Seiten fragwürdigen oder pornographischen Inhalts zu verlinken.

Aus diesem Grund habe ich das Gästebuch entfernt. Das ständige Löschen von Spam ist mir zu aufwendig.

Danke, ihr Spammer!

Once there was a guestbook at this place, which Kapathos' travellers used to send greetings or tales from their vacations. Unfortunately this guestbook has been abused by spammers more and more to link to their sites of questionable or pornographic content.

Since it is requires a great deal of energy to erase this amount of spam, I removed the guestbook completeley.

Thanks, spammers!

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